Let's Celebrate Tonya Briggins!

YearofYushima.net celebrates you. Our mission is to help victims heal from the trauma of abuse and to empower you to achieve your goals. We aren't the only ones doing the work. Your story matters. Thank you for sharing it with us today.

“I am a Master Level Licensed Social Worker with a BSW in Social Work specializing in Child Welfare and secondary training in Mental Health. I worked in Child Welfare in various roles such as Forensic Child Interview Specialist/Investigative Interviewer for 10 years as a specialized sexual abuse worker. For two additional years I worked as a Social Service Caseworker and Senior Social Worker. Following that I moved forward to work as a Psychological Evaluator for almost 2 years conducting sexual abuse evaluations and juvenile sex offender evaluations/testing. I later moved into the Mental Health arena and worked as an In-Home Therapist providing mental health therapy to children and families for  10 years. I am currently working as a Launch Counselor to assist youth/young adults in their desire to obtain their GED, while also helping them to realize their own potential for growth to achieve their goals academically, professionally and personally.”

"It is always a blessing to serve and help others, and to watch them bloom from the seeds planted early on." Thank you for all that you do!

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