Let's Celebrate Princeanna Brooks!

YearofYushima.net celebrates you. Our mission is to help victims heal from the trauma of abuse and to empower you to achieve your goals. We aren't the only ones doing the work. Your story matters. Thank you for sharing it with us today.
"At 45 after 17 years of marriage and working for the government 20 years, I walked away from it all. I decided to put myself first and moved to another state where I didn't have family and friends. I attended Shaw University where I lived on campus and obtained a BSW. I moved to Alabama to attend Alabama A&M where I obtained a MSW.
Currently I'm a Residence Coordinator at Shaw University. I work in a residence hall of 70 young men, teaching life skills and advocating and providing resources for their academic success. I love music, empowering women to put themselves first, reading and family.
Life is full of experiences and lessons. Don't be afraid to go after the life you want."
Facebook: Princeanna L. Brooks
Instagram: @iamprinceannab

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