Let's Celebrate Keyondra N. Gilkey!

YearofYushima.net celebrates you. Our mission is to help victims heal from the trauma of abuse and to empower you to achieve your goals. We aren't the only ones doing the work. Your story matters. You are amazing! Keyondra Gilkey Thank you for sharing your story with us today!

“My name is Keyondra N. Gilkey. I am currently a substance abuse counselor working with individuals directly impacted by the growing opiate epidemic. I am also a first-time mom of a beautiful one-year-old daughter named Lillian. Honestly, I never wanted to be a mom or wife; however, my higher power had a different plan which I embrace wholeheartedly.  Being a first-time mom inspired me to create a blog to help other first-time moms navigate the world of marriage and parenthood.

If I had to identify my goals and aspirations, I would say I want to teach full-time on a collegiate level and continue working with first-time moms. I subscribe to the ideology of "Intentional parenting," where everything I do is intentional and geared towards a specific goal for my child.

In my free time, I enjoy weightlifting, running, and watching 90-day Fiance. I am a hopeless romantic and feel it is time to tap into that side of myself again.?  

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