Year of Yushima

  • I am Vulnerable & Strong

    I should not expect a Prince to come and save me, I am expected to saddle up my horse and save everyone else. The Princess that Disney chose to represent me was a frog and her god is not my god. That's why I choose to write my own story. Never believe what your enemy says about you. I am my own blueprint, but others read me through their stereotypes.


  • Why The Book Collection?

    Every piece of clothing on  in “The Book Collection” is inspired by real life events from my book, Picking Up the Pieces to 100 B...
  • About Us

    My ministry and my business are one of the same.  30% of all proceeds help victims heal from the trauma of abuse.  Shop now: https://www.yearofyush...
  • My Funny Valentine... and Relationship Issues

    Now is the time for laughter, love and hope... and then there is reality. Not that feeling these things aren't real, but life more than hugs and ki...
  • Black Boy Joy!

    An Eight Year Old Boy Opened a Clothing Store for Kids
  • Who Does She Think She Is?

    Sometimes we may have the vision, but we need external validation to begin the process. In a perfect world, this would not be an issue, but this wo...
  • It's Not Bigger Than God

    It's Not Bigger Than GOD!
  • The Book Collection

    Every item in Picking Up the Pieces, (The Book Collection) is inspired by real life events from my book, Picking Up the Pieces to 100 Broken Promises. When I created this collection, I wanted to tell my story from childhood to now and everything in between.